The universe of computer processors has been famously occupied as of late and we've been staying up with the latest with the most recent deliveries to supplement our the very beginning audits and benchmark examinations. Having said that, it's been a difficult past year on numerous fronts and accessibility of new equipment, including the most recent computer chips, has not been incredible. Normally we've been holding off with the expectation that AMD would deliver more Ryzen 5000 central processors (non-X models) and that accessibility would improve, neither of which has occurred. 

It's significant that for this update we didn't have the advantage of prescribing what we accept to be the most awesome, rather at times we'll be prescribing the best item you're ready to purchase. So actually this is the "Best 5 best computer chips you can purchase at the present time." There is some expectation that things will improve soon, the 7nm deficiencies can't go on perpetually and Intel eleventh gen Center arrangement may help mitigate a portion of the interest in a couple of months. 

Meanwhile, we trust this is helpful for those of you hoping to purchasing a computer chip at the present time, obviously, on the off chance that you can hold off we propose you do as Intel will have their Rocket Lake processors out in the wild some time in Spring and that could shake things up a digit.

Those are the best of CPUs to consider right now:

1. Best value for price: Tyzen 5 3600 or Core i5-10400F priced at: 199$.

2. Best for gaming: Core i9-10900K, 10700K or Ryzen 9 5900X priced at 549$.

3. Most extreme CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X priced at a whopping 3990$.

4. Best value for performance: AMD Ryzeb 9 5950X/5900X priced at 799$.

5. Best budget CPU: Intek Core i3-10100 priced at only 119$.

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