Talking about luxury sports cars, no body can do It better than Mercedes and Bmw. Both manufacturers are the top of the line and always in competition, today we are comparing the beautiful c43 amg and the beast m340i the small cars from both big manufacturers.

1. Exterior:

Talking about exterior the Bmw m340i comes in a 4-door sedan while the Mercedes c43 amg comes only in a 2-door coupe style. Both looks are impressive and as usual Bmw trim is always sportier and Mercedes's one is more luxurious. Rims on the Bmw are bigger than the ones on Mercedes. The kidney grill on the m340i is fine and not as big as the other models from Bmw. The grill on the Mercedes is very common on every Mercedes models one blade holding a big Mercedes logo. Overall both exteriors are attracting with Bmw being the wildest and the Mercedes the luxurious.

2. Interior:

When it comes to the interior every thing changes. It is kind of mixed up. The Bmw has wide sporty seats which are comfortable and classy. The interior made of premium leather materials, supportive seating throughout, soft-touch leather gear selector and controller knobs. It's also designed to reduce external noises with a standard acoustic windshield and available acoustic side glasses. The overall build quality is luxurious, strong and classy. The steering wheel had a small redesign and the screen also which now is better and has a strong accent. While the Bmw being the strong build quality, the mercedes failed at It with cracks every where. Mercedes interior looks great, the steering wheel and the paddle shifters are no doubt beautiful. You are fine in a Mercedes until you have the optional performance seats which are harsh for everyday use. The Bmw has more space in front, back and cargo than a Mercedes which is a plus.

3. Engine and drivetrain:

Both cars have strong engines 382hp inline 6 and 369 ft-lbs of torque and an 8-speed automatic gearbox on a Bmw and 385hp v6 and 384 ft-lbs of torque and a 9-speed automatic gearbox on the Mercedes. It seems very very similiar, while Bmw has the bigger weight both cars have the same time from 0-60mph @ 4.1s.

Final opinion:

Comming down to a personal preference, if you prefer looks only without considering anything else you should go to the Mercedes unless you prefer a better ride quality better interior quality and roomier car then you should go for the Bmw. Please note that both cars are not cheap and deserves every single penny spent.

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