With over 56,369,260 cases and 1,351,452 deaths till today, we are finally in confrontation with covid-19 with a powerful weapon. The awaited vaccine is finally here, but is it effective enough to stop the disease from spreading?


Social life loss, economy loss, humanity loss, all these terms caused by one problem the covid-19. The "Pfizer" is the vaccine we are talking about,  it was invented incorporation with BioNTech. It was marked as safe till now with a 95% effectiveness percentage.


Analysts said the investigation arrived at 170 affirmed Covid cases, and that the immunization, BNT162b2, had illustrated "95% viability starting 28 days after the main portion.


It added that no genuine wellbeing concerns had been accounted for and that 10 extreme instances of Coronavirus were seen during the preliminary, with nine happening in the fake treatment gathering, and one in the immunized gathering.


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