Will there ever be another Galaxy Note? What once appeared as though a doubtful situation has been looking more probable throughout the most recent couple of years as the inexorably enormous S arrangement makes Samsung's other principle lead less applicable. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra contribution S-Pen uphold, a few experts and leakers accept we won't see a Galaxy Note 21. 

Gossipy tidbits that Samsung could suspend its long-running Galaxy Note arrangement showed up the previous Summer. With a jam-packed very good quality setup that incorporates the Flip and Fold handsets, the organization is allegedly hoping to smooth out its lead contributions. 

It used to be that the Note arrangement, with its bigger presentation and included pointer, was the favored decision for experts, however the S arrangement has been becoming ever like its kin regarding size and specs. The solitary genuine distinction had been uphold for the S-Pen, yet that changed with the Galaxy S21 Ultra—however the pointer is a discretionary extra. It will likewise be upheld on other future Samsung gadgets. 

Not all reports highlight the brand's downfall. Yonhap News a month ago composed that Samsung is "planning to deliver the following Galaxy Note," in 2021, refering to a mysterious authority inside the firm. 

As somebody who's been a Note client since the Note 3, it is pitiful to see the arrangement reach a conclusion. In any case, all signs highlight its demise.

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