Its the clash of the clans, the latest and greatest from Samsung and Iphone are here. Today we are comparing the biggest of the bunch, Iphone's latest flagship the 12 pro max and Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra.

1. Design :

Talking about design, there is no major updates but slight downgrades considering Iphone's design. It's the same as last year's iphone 11 pro max but with a smaller notch by a slight margin and with aluminum framing from the grandfather iphone 5 and the same camera bump as its predecessor but the screen is now bigger than ever standing at 6.7 inches stuck with the 60hz refresh rate. The iphone 12 pro max comes in four colors, silver, gold, Pacific Blue and graphite, which is a replacement for space gray.

The Samsung's note 20 ultra got a complete redesign. The punch-hole notch is now smaller, bigger camera bump with the three camera setup and bigger screen than its predecessor standing at 6.9 inches and massive 120hz refresh rate hiding beneath it a fast under display fingerprint sensor while Apple is still lacking one . Impressive design requires a special colors thats why the note 20 ultra comes in three mystic metallic colors Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze and Mystic White. 

2. Camera:

Jumping up to Camera both phones are awesome shooters considering images and videos. Both have triple camera setup, the Iphone 12 pro max have 12MP wide sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP telephoto shooter with 2.5x optical zoom on the back and a whopping 12MP f2.2 on the front. Apple has also announced that the Iphone 12 pro max will include a LiDAR scanner to record depth information and sensor-shift stabilization.

On the other hand, the Samsung note 20 ultra includes 108MP primary shooter with an ultra-wide 12MP sensor and a 12MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom and 50x hybrid zoom also a 10MP f2.2 on the fron . Impressive!

 3. Battery:

Iphone 12 pro max carry a 3687 mah battery which is a minimal downgrade from last year's Iphone 11 pro max's 3969mah. This means that the battery life is excellent but not as good as the note 20 ultra which has a 4500 mah battery. But not be fooled, Samsung's bigger screen requires bigger battery. Talking about charging both phones charges quite fast the Iphone 12 pro max at 20W and the Samsung note 20 ultra at 25W which is faster.

4. Performance & Storage:

It's every year competition, the "classico" of the phone's factory. Some might say that you are lucky if you have the snapdragon version of the samsung, they are right. Both phones have respectful CPUs the Iphone's A14 bionic with 5nm technology and the Samsung's has 2 versions the Snapdragon 865+ (7nm+ technology) for the USA market and the Exynos 990 which is also running in a 7nm+ technology. The Iphone's has a 6GB RAM and the Samsung's has 12GB RAM, don't be fooled by this big margin (almost double the storage) the Iphone's is making a great job in RAM management from a smaller RAM. The internal storage for both has the same 128/256/528 GB options Samsung has expandable storage option with up to 1TB which is lacking in an Iphone. 

Final opinion:

Both phones are great choosing between them comes to a personal preference. If you're an IOS user on an Android one you will always have the best including camera, performance, battery life. But in my personal preference, I lean for the Iphone for the built quality, the camera which is close to nature and the software. 

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